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Brownes Fitness personal training is all about you - your targets, your state of health and how you like to exercise. Whether you want to manage your weight or are looking to increase your energy levels, we have a personal trainer for you.

What do you gain by having a Personal Trainer:

Track Progress
Set Realistic Goals
121 Training
Nutrition Plans

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Our Trainers


Angus is a level 4 advanced Personal Trainer
(Premier Training International)

Angus has worked in the fitness industry for 8 years. He has worked in several gyms as a personal trainer and to date has trained over 400 clients. Angus founded 'Brownes Fitness' in 2010 alongside 'Brownes Bootcamp' & has never looked back. Exciting new training methods guarantee the most enjoyment and the best results out of anybody looking to get fit, whatever level you are.

Angus spends his time motivating and training others to achieve their goals. So whether your goal is to compete in a marathon, or simply achieve a personal weight loss goal, Angus will encourage you. He is fond of training outside in the fresh air and understands that there are better, more enjoyable ways to train other than the in a gym. His ambition is to encourage both indoor and outside exercise. His spare time is spent training himself, as he is a big believer in 'practicing what you preach'.

Specific training
Angus' passion is 'Specific Training Needs'. To date Angus has trained the whole cast of 'TOWIE' - a challenge in its own right - as well as top sportsmen in the car racing industry, as well as both football and rugby stars. He has been approached by and has trained boxers in their bid to achieve their dreams; as well as finding the time to train the regular Joes like you and me who simply walk through the door looking for tips and advice for our own journeys, whether that may be to complete a marathon for charity, or train for competitions in your chosen sports.

Angus' skills in Boxing, boxercise Training, exercise to music, circuit training, strength & conditioning training & Kettlebell training will ensure you will get what you set out to achieve, whether that's the body of a Greek Adonis, or a mutual appreciation for exercise; and for those times when you put in that extra bit of effort, Angus will be on hand to offer sports therapy massage.

Sports Massage   1hr £50 (Home)   1hr £45 (Gym)
Home/Outdoors   1/2hr £30.00 per Session   1hr £50.00 per Session
Gym   1/2hr £25.00 per Session   1hr £45.00 per Session
Group training also available


Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Personal Training
Foundation in Fitness Instruction
Fitness Trainer Award
Sports and Recreation L2
Plyometrics/Explosive Training
Nutrition Advisor
Emergency first aid trained
Sports Massage Therapist
Science of Torso Training
Power Plate Instructor
Sports Specific Training
Boxercise/Boxing Instructor
Optimal Kettlebell Trained
FA Coaching Level 1
Freestyle Spinning/YMCA
Optimal Move it Course
Sports Conditioning Coach
GP Referral Scheme (NHS)
Essex County Council CRB checked
Full Public Liability Insurance Cover


Leigh on Sea
Essex & Surrounding Areas


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Jack is a level 3 advanced Personal Trainer
(Premier Training International)

Jack served in the British Army for 9 years serving in places such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Canada & Iraq. As a Physical Training Instructor (PTI), he has experience of training well over 300 recruits in Physical Training, as well as 1 on 1 training to improve individual recruits fitness if they were not up to the mark.

Specific Sport Training
Jack has competed and in many triathlons, half marathons & marathons proving his increased ability in every one. He has the patience, the determination and proven results to train you, as you would expect from an Ex Army PTI. His methods and beliefs will bring you to your peak in any sport you are training for. The knowledge he possesses from having firsthand experience in these dedicated sports, means he will be able to push you in different ways to increase cardio, muscle tone, stamina, or simply your belief enabling you to hit those times you are chasing.

Rehabilitation or simply looking to feel better?
If you are looking to tone, enjoy sport, rehabilitate and feel better, Jack will help you every step of the way. We want you as a client for life, so you feel you are always able to ask for advice even when you have completed your training. It’s not all about hitting the gym hard and half starving yourself. Jack will show you how to eat the things you love while still looking great. Jack is a great advocate for eating what you want, and believes in ‘everything in moderation’. The style of training Jack can plan for you will vary all aspects of exercise to ensure muscle, cardio and feel good factors are all included - You will see he’s not as scary as he sounds!

Sessions can include: circuit training, spinning, endurance training, battle PT, interval training, sports training and swimming training.

Home/Outdoors   1/2hr £20.00 per Session   1hr £35.00 per Session
Block Sessions Available
Group training also available


Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Personal Training
REPs Level 3
Diet & Nutrition advice
Mountain Leader Trainer
ViPR Training
Swimming Instructor
National Pool Lifeguard
Specific sport training
Tri Athlon training
Group training
Running fitness
Emergency First aid trained
Essex County Council CRB checked
Full Public Liability Insurance Cover


Essex & Surrounding Areas


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